Morison Oil

An engine to function properly and "live" for several years must be lubricated properly. Choosing the right lubricant is of major importance. An internal combustion engine is made up of several mechanical parts, which are quite stress-intensive. Every time we sink the throttle, engine speeds are increasing, and these parts are moving more and more, resulting in friction and therefore high temperatures.

Morison is one of the world's leading lubricant companies and has a long specialization in lubricants for specific tasks. This essentially enables service stations to have a stable clientele serving a particular need.

The 27th AGROTICA is the focus of developments in the agricultural sector and, with its international radiation, contributes substantially to the opening up of new markets, the enhancement of the image and the promotion of agricultural machinery, equipment, supplies and services. Morison oil was present in this great event and gave farmers solutions and information about products that will improve the operation of their machines.

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