Production and trading of high quality Lubricants, Chemicals & Greases

Engine Lubricants

Extremely high performance lubricants. Specially designed for all working conditions. Maximum protection and cleanliness of the engine.

Differentials Lubricants

Very high-performance valvolines (gear oils) for mechanical gearboxes, car and truck differentials.

Lubricants for Hydraulic Systems

Top-technology mineral oil specially formulated for the needs of hydraulic systems.

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Lubricants for Agricultural Machinery

Lubricants specially designed for agricultural machinery.

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Automatic Boxes Lubricants

Top performance and technology automatic boxes liquids.

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Cooling Circuit Fluids

Anti-freezing fluids for all seasons.


Quality is in detail

Strength and Reliability

Lubricants for the most difficult conditions

ISO 9001

International quality standard


What Are Low Saps Lubricants?

Low Saps lubricants are the most widespread and are designed to be friendly to modern exhaust gas treatment systems. They are suitable for passenger cars or light trucks, for diesel or petrol engines with an oil particle filter or an oxidizing / three-way catalytic converter. Lubricants in this category increase, as we have said, the life of the oil particle filter and / or the oxidising / three-way catalytic converter and improve the Fuel saving of the car. The lower the SAPS ratio, the less combustion residues accumulate in the oil particle filter, resulting in increased particle filter life.

What Are The Basic Categories Of Lubricants?
Turbo Engines And Lubricants
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Morison Oil Lubricants
offer the ultimate protection of the engines by improving
their operation in the most difficult conditions.


The mineral oils we have are all primary high technology with excellent and controlled specifications meeting the requirements of the world's largest manufacturers.

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